The Vault

Secure Storage

State of the Art Security

The Vault is strategically located in Singapore within 2 minutes from the police station and is physically secured by 24/7 perimeter security officers. Operational security is provided by armed Singapore Auxiliary Police. The security system operates 24/7 monitoring services with local and remote CCTV backups, quadruple alarm type sensors and 2.5 tons Class I door. Gold and platinum are stored in a special UL rated Class II Vault (a vault within a vault) which consists of 30cm thick composite steel walls.

Governance Best Practices

The ISO 9001 certified, bespoke Vault Management System is hosted offline i.e. physically disconnected from other networks and internet, to prevent outside attacks. The system requires each deposit and withdrawal of bullion to be signed off by two TSH officers, auxiliary police officer and the client to ensure maximum transparency and security.

Secure Storage

Unique Tracking

All the bullion is stored in custom designed, tamper evident parcel bags (parcels). These parcels are uniquely identified, photographed and placed in specified 1 ton capacity metal cages which means that the parcels can easily be tracked and audited. Our parcel ownership system ensures that our clients are the sole legal owners of their bullion under the Singapore law. Because The Safe House is solely operating in Singapore, this means that we do not have reporting requirements under FATCA.

Unrivaled Insurance

We have one of the most comprehensive insurance policies in the industry issued by Marsh Singapore. Our coverage includes theft, fire, building collapse, terrorism and sabotage, protection from inside jobs (infidelity) and negligence (mysterious disappearance)—a liability not commonly available to other vaults as they do not meet the operational standards required by the insurer or cannot afford the premiums. Read more

Expedited Clearance and Compliance Control

We can issue import/export permits to expedite custom clearance for your bullion into or out of Singapore, whether it is shipped by the ton or carried personally. We also ensure that your bullion meets Singapore’s IPM (Investment-Grade Precious Metals) standards and remains tax- and duty-free in Singapore. Read more

Safe Deposit Box Storage

Silver Bullion Pte Ltd is a wholly separate company, exclusively storing at The Safe House. Please contact them at +65 6100 3040 for more details regarding their services.

Services via Silver Bullion

  • Customers can buy and sell their bullion through our parent company Silver Bullion. Our sell back option provides maximum liquidity with minimal efforts from our client. We will buy back your stored bullion under Bullion Storage without additional checks or tests.

  • The physical ownership of the bullion through the personalized parcel system allows for additional flexibility through the range of additional services such as very simple procedure for bullion withdrawal or even its physical delivery.

  • Ship or deliver your bullion to us for storage. Once authenticated, you can easily sell or collateralize your bullion through our platform to obtain liquidity. Read more

  • With our online P2P loan platform, our customers can safely borrow and lend on their own terms using their bullion as collateral. We match bullion owning clients who want to take out a loan directly with other clients who have available funds looking for a return with minimal risk. This enables lenders to obtain good returns while borrowers can obtain affordable credit by utilizing their bullion holdings. Read more

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