• 600 metric tons of segregate and reserved silver storage capacity in 800 kg pallet cages.

  • 25+ metric tons of segregate and reserved gold storage in a UL Class 2 gold vault.

  • Vault Management System ensures that Security, Operations and Secure Logistics groups redundantly check each transaction.

  • 24/7 building security and armed auxiliary police during operational hours.

  • Advanced security systems linked to multiple security response agencies and secured offline IT Systems.

  • Liability protection includes mysterious disappearance & infidelity.

Gregor Gregersen

CEO and Founder

A few words from the CEO

The Safe House is a huge step in our quest to develop the world’s safest bullion storage system and, as we seek to protect our own bullion just as much as our client’s, we have taken no shortcuts to ensure the stored bullion will be safe physically, legally, jurisdictionally and free from encumbrances and counterparty risks.

Gregor Gregersen

CEO and Founder

What makes us the safest?

Like our parent company Silver Bullion, The Safe House is exclusively governed under Singapore Jurisdiction. This makes it hard for foreign governments to exert pressure on our operations in case of foreign nationalizations.

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Gregor Gregersen

CEO and Founder

The One Stop Solution

When you store with us there are no middlemen as we offer you an integrated, one stop solution that includes Trading, Testing and Storage of bullion.

This unique structure means jurisdictional and counter party transparency across the entire storage chain.

You've got gold and silver to store

You may store your precious metals with The Safe House via the following programs – [email protected], a storage program administered by Silver Bullion which focuses on flexibility; or Vault Safe Deposit Boxes, whose focus is on privacy.

View our list of storage services.

Parcels, Photos and Proof

Your gold and silver will be repacked in standard quantities and sealed in tamper evident parcels neatly stored in 800 kg pallet cages. Each parcel bag has a serial number so you can store anonymously. You'll get photos of every parcel you own in storage so you know they're really there.

We authenticate your gold and silver

Our integrated DUX testing lab can verify and track your transfer-in bullion using density, ultrasound, X-Ray spectrometry and/or Electrical conductivity. Bullion authentication via DUX means that you will be able to easily sell your bullion if needed.

Find out how DUX works

Fully Insured Storage

Your bullion is covered by powerful liability protection that includes mysterious disappearance and fidelity for 100 million USD for any one loss, thereby insuring operational errors or inside jobs by The Safe House staff and effectively removing all physical loss risk.

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