Creating the worldʼs safest place for your valuables in Singapore

Physical ownership of bullion is fundamental to wealth protection. To that end, our dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience in the bullion industry developed state-of-the-art vaulting services and management systems. The Safe House has physically secured wealth for our clients since 2014 and is entrusted today with more than 15 million troy ounces of precious metals.

Minimizing Risks

Our proprietary vault management system and non-destructive testing has allowed us to minimize risks while maintaining an unprecedented level of transparency. Clients may make an appointment and view their items at their convenience. Our team has maintained a flawless record over more than a decade of operation, a testament to our continued dedication to our clients’ peace of mind. Don’t take our word for it – we’ve worked with our insurance providers to obtain a comprehensive coverage which includes mysterious disappearance and internal negligence.

Pragmatic Security

The Safe House is strategically located in Singapore within minutes from the police station and is physically secured by 24/7 perimeter security officers. Operational security is provided by armed Singapore Auxiliary Police. The security system operates 24/7 monitoring services with local and remote CCTV backups, quadruple alarm type sensors and a 2.5 tons Class I door. Gold and platinum are stored in a special UL rated Class II Vault (a vault within a vault) which consists of 30cm thick composite steel walls.

Governance & Certification

Our ISO 9001 certified, bespoke Vault Management System is hosted offline i.e. physically disconnected from other networks and internet, to minimize the risk of an outside attack. The system requires each deposit and withdrawal of bullion to be signed off by two TSH officers, auxiliary police officer and the client to ensure maximum transparency and security.

Efficiency in scale

Our vaults at The Safe House can soon store over 15,500 metric tons of silver and 100 tons of gold and platinum, making it the largest capacity, privately operated bullion vault in the world. As a one-stop solution for testing and storage of bullion, co-located with liquidity partners, we are able to ensure stored assets are legally protected, jurisdictionally safe and as free from counterparty risks as possible.

More privacy, more security, less concern

For clients who desire additional privacy and safety we offer safe deposit boxes at The Safe House. The clients have full control of storing their bullion in their own boxes which are locked and tamper sealed in their presence, thus limiting the relationship with The Safe House to that of a renter and box hirer. All our safe deposit boxes are covered by third party insurance included in the rental price, with the option to increase that insurance if clients wish to do so.

Our commitment

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and transparency without jeopardizing privacy and security. All products and solutions are and will be tailored to the best interests of our clients. We will never seek to use clients’ assets, information or property to generate additional undisclosed income. This means that anything stored in The Safe House belongs only to our clients and we do not leverage on those assets in any way (i.e. borrow, hedge, lease etc. against the stored property)


What is it about Singapore?

We believe that Singapore is the ideal jurisdiction for bullion storage because in addition to its stability, independence, neutrality and defense capabilities, its economic sustainability is greatly dependent on international investor confidence in its institutions and legislation. This implies that private property, including bullion, will be fully protected in the event of nationalizations or confiscations.

Safe Jurisdiction

The Safe House is set up in Singapore because we believe it is one of, if not the safest jurisdiction in the world. This city-state has one of the strongest bank capitalizations across the globe. Furthermore, it has one of the lowest crime rates.

Singapore’s economic sustainability is greatly dependent on international investor confidence in its institutions and legislation and hence the Government is fully committed to the protection of private property, including bullion. Furthermore, Singapore does not categorize bullion businesses as financial institutions and regulations such as FATCA are not applicable to bullion stored in The Safe House.

Tax free

It is a jurisdiction that is truly safe from the actions of financially distressed governments that, throughout history, have been known to nationalize or confiscate precious metals when faced with a systemic collapse. As such your bullion stored at The Safe House is maximally protected from unwanted and unforeseen events in other countries making us at The Safe House significantly different from other vaulting companies characterized with global footprints.