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One of the world's highest capacity bullion vaults

Going beyond the bounds of safe keeping

The Safe House is one of Singapore’s most trusted vaulting facilities with a capacity for an estimated 500 million troy ounces of precious metals. With ISO 9001 certification, 24/7 security and managed by a team of industry veterans, it is located at The Reserve in Changi, Singapore. The Safe House further builds on The Reserve’s integrated security concept to create one of the world’s safest storage options for your valuables.

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Gregor Gregersen, Founder The Safe House Singapore
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BBC, Spiegel, Bloomberg

Bullion Direct Storage

Industry-leading bullion storage

Our high capacity storage solutions track your bullion by their unique serial number or via parcelized in tamper evident and uniquely identifiable parcel bags. These parcels are stored enclosed in customized metal enclosures for tracking and auditing. Our bespoke parcel ownership system ensures that our clients are the sole legal owners of their bullion under exclusive Singapore jurisdiction. Bullion testing is available to verify that all deposited bullion is real.

  • Segregation, tracking and ownership by bar/parcel
  • Unrivalled capacity for precious metals and competitive pricing
  • World-class bullion insurance (incl. mysterious disappearance)
  • Reporting by subaccounts is available
  • Tax-free/bonded storage
  • Easy deposits and withdrawals during working hours
  • Sole Singapore jurisdiction
  • ISO 9001 certified systems and processes
  • Annual and on-demand 3rd-party audits
  • Only available for corporate clients
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Safe Deposit Boxes

Privacy without compromise

Our safe deposit boxes are designed for clients who desire the privacy of storing items themselves. Our clients have full access control of storing their bullion and other assets in their own boxes. Locked and sealed in the presence of the client or a chosen representative it limits the relationship with The Safe House to that of a renter and box hirer. Our Class I boxes are among the largest in the world and ideal for bulky assets such as silver, having a 200 kg capacity. The Class II boxes are designed for dense and more valuable precious metals such as gold and platinum and provide reinforced security.

  • Segregated Class I and II box storage with private-only access option
  • Optional world-class bullion insurance (incl. mysterious disappearance)
  • Up to 4 authorized representatives
  • Easy in-person representatives access options during working hours
  • Sole Singapore jurisdiction
  • ISO 9001 certified systems and processes
  • Expedited clearance and compliance control

Download the Safe Deposit Box Brochure
Download our Safe Deposit Box Product Brochure with detailed specifications and pricing.

Rack of Class II Safe Deposit Boxes

Private Safes & Vaults (*COMING SOON)

When you need that bit of extra safe space

Guarded inside safes stored inside Underwriter Laboratory (UL) rated Class 2 modular vaults, our highest physical security protection, clients can rent their own private storage space ranging in capacity from 500 kg gold capacity to the entire 20,000 kg capacity of a vault. All spaces are air-conditioned and accessible 24/7. This expands the options of what can be stored far beyond precious metals while inheriting the benefits of our capabilities and makes this the ultimate safe storage option.

  • Individual, private Class II safes and vaults
  • Dedicated, private asset handling space
  • Air conditioned storage
  • World-class insurance coverage available
  • Up to 4 authorized representatives
  • Optional tax-free/bonded storage
  • Sole Singapore jurisdiction
  • ISO 9001 certified systems and processes
  • On-demand 3rd-party audits


Making sure it’s pure

Fineness (a measure of purity) is a perennial worry for our clients. As such, we’ve developed a comprehensive trifecta of non-destructive testing methods. It is comprised of the following tests:

  • Density tests. By comparing the mass and volume of a product, we are able to quickly determine if there are any prima facie anomalies.
  • Ultrasound. By measuring the speed at which sound travels through a material, we determine if there are any internal anomalies with bullion.
  • X-ray Fluorescence testing. By emitting an x-ray, we determine the chemical composition of the surface of a bar.

Aside from direct deliveries from established and reputable refineries, any transferred metals can undergo testing or at the request of a client. It allows our clients to have absolute certainty that all metals stored in The Safe House are real.