Renting an Insured Safe Deposit Box for Gold and Silver in Singapore

25 June 2024

The Safe House safe deposit boxes in Singapore

Securing your gold and silver is best achieved when you mitigate jurisdictional and third-party storage risks. In this article, we explain why Singapore is one of the best places for bullion storage and how you can rent an insured safe deposit box for precious metals in Singapore.

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Here’s How the Best Bullion Audit Practices Should Be

16 May 2024

Bullion audit at The Safe House

If you have a significant investment in gold and silver bullion, you could already be storing your precious metals with a custodian or directly with a third-party vault operator. However, how do you ensure that you own your precious metals and they are really there? The answer to this question is bullion audits.

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Testing Gold & Silver With Magnets

11 April 2024

Precious metal testing methods are broadly divided into two categories: destructive tests and non-destructive tests. Magnetism test is one of the non-destructive testing methods that is simple to perform and cost-effective to set up.

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Jurisdictional Risks: Choosing the Safest Country to Store Precious Metals

22 March 2024

Metalor 1kg gold bar

Global investors often turn to precious metals such as gold and silver to safeguard their wealth in the face of escalating economic uncertainties and geopolitical tensions. However, the security of these assets extends beyond mere ownership; it also hinges on selecting the right country for vault storage.

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All About Precious Metals Insurance

13 February 2024

1 kilogram gold bars

Insurance coverage for precious metals is seldom explained, not discussed enough, and much less understood. This article aims to bridge that knowledge gap and, hopefully, answer your questions about precious metals insurance.

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Gold & Silver Testing: Limitations of Non-Destructive Testing Methods

4 January 2024

weighing a gold kilo bar

When it comes to detecting fake bullion, there are generally two types of testing methods – destructive testing and non-destructive testing. In this article, we share our years of experience testing bullion at The Safe House to show a few limitations of non-destructive testing methods.

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Store Gold in Singapore

4 September 2023

Singapore has emerged as a premier destination for gold storage, offering unparalleled advantages in terms of security, cost-efficiency, and legal protection. We share in this article the top reasons why you should consider bullion storage in Singapore.

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Gold Testing with Electrical Conductivity Measurement Test

18 August 2023

ECM test for precious metals

How can one ascertain the authenticity of physical gold? In past articles, we have introduced ultrasound testing and X-ray fluorescence testing as frequently used non-destructive testing methods. This article explores how Electrical Conductivity Measurement Tests (ECM) work and why it is increasingly used for gold testing.

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Gold Testing with X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)

7 July 2023

X-ray fluorescence testing on precious metals

Throughout history, gold has served as both a symbol of wealth and a form of money, and the need to ascertain its purity and authenticity has remained crucial. With the advent of testing technologies like X-ray fluorescence (XRF), testing for real gold has become expedient and easy.

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How is Ultrasound Testing Used to Authenticate Precious Metals?

6 June 2023

Ultrasound testing for gold

How is ultrasound used in gold and silver testing? Let’s find out how this unique non-destructive testing method helps in counterfeit bullion detection in this article.

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Safe Storage Options for Silver Bars

9 May 2023

LBMA 1000 oz silver bars stored at The Safe House vault in Singapore

Investing in silver bars is a wise financial decision, but storing them safely is equally crucial to protect your investment. This article will guide you through various safe storage options for silver bars, helping you understand their pros and cons, security considerations, accessibility, costs, and insurance coverage governing each option.

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