Comprehensive Coverage

Pushing the boundaries of Insurance

At The Safe House, we have challenged our insurers and now have one of the most comprehensive insurance policies in the industry issued by Marsh Singapore which is backed by the Lloyd's of London. Our coverage for the metals stored by The Safe House SG Pte Ltd is at SGD 800 million for any one loss for our bullion storage. It was also extended to include the coverage for Terrorism and Sabotage which is not commonly available among most vaults. Furthermore, we have a US$50,000 and US$200,000 liability protection for our Class I and Class II Safe deposit boxes respectively, included in the rental price, which can optionally be increased if our clients wish to do so.

When “All Risk” really means “ALL” risk

Storage resellers and marketing materials often use the term "All Risk" to describe insurance. This can be misleading because "All Risk" means "a type of insurance coverage that can exclude only risks that have been specifically outlined in the contract".

Obtaining an extremely strong all-risk vault insurance was probably one of the most important milestones for Silver Bullion and The Safe House. This insurance essentially removes all physical storage risk and has a better coverage than most established vaults.

Our insurance protects bullion not only from Fire, Building Collapse and Theft as well as the mentioned Terrorism Sabotage but also includes:

  • In essence the insurance will fully cover the possibility of inside jobs. (i.e. TSH Staff Stealing Bullion).

  • Mysterious Disappearance essentially covers the possibility of operational errors by TSH. Few vaults have this coverage due to costs and because it requires a lot of trust in vault processes and very stringent vault reviews by the insurance issuer. Including Mysterious Disappearance in the insurance coverage was one of our main priorities.

Mysterious Disappearance coverage is the closest thing to “All Risks Covered" insurance.


We believe that our clients should have absolute assurance that their bullion are safely stored at The Safe House. Clients are welcome to engage third-party auditors of their choice, at any point in time, to inspect their holdings stored with us. These audits can be conducted at regular intervals or at random, according to the clients’ needs. The Safe House will facilitate the audits to ensure our clients’ bullion are safely stored.

ISO 9001 Audits

The Safe House also has an annual ISO 9001 audit performed by SGS Singapore, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. The audit checks our Management system and procedures including testing procedures, operational procedures, IT system, customer satisfaction etc.